February 7, 2012

Draw Me A House

One day while the 3 of us were driving around town I asked Kiera to draw me a picture of a house.  It was mainly a test to see 1. her interpretation of a house and 2. her creative ability.

Um...  Well then. 

Her original interpretation was kind of circular and the girl is at a loss for creative ability unless you count the smiley face and limbs as that.  

Anyone else feel like a big CENSORED sign should be slapped across it?  
Oh and she informed us it is a boy house and that is hair on his uh, roof.

Not surprised since she has been trying to sneak peeks of Jimmy when he goes to the bathroom.  I came walking around the corner one night and saw her slowly opening the bathroom door to watch.  I startled her which was pretty funny and then got serious about what she was doing.  I know she is just at the curious age after all but  I told her she doesn't need to be concerned with boys and their parts until she is at least 25.

1 comment:

Holly said...

Love it! At least the thing is smiling. I saw my father naked by accident when I was about 8, scared the bejeebers out of both of us and we both screamed.

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