October 5, 2011


Last year we were on the verge of putting Kiera in a gymnastics/tumbling class when she was suddenly admitted to the hospital for 3 days.  Now a whole year later she is finally enrolled (thanks to Nanny and Papa)!  I went to Academy (thanks for the tip Amanda!) to find an outfit for her to wear.  I was going to get a leotard but didn't think they would fit so I went for the ballet type pink leotard and some black spandex type shorts.  The girl has issues with keeping her legs together and not messing with her pee pee crotch so we needed to cover it up.  And of course I had to buy a little black bow to go in her hair also! 

Kiera got super excited when she saw some of the girls doing routines.  She kept telling me "I can't do that stuff" to which I told her that she can if she practices and with time she would be able to.  Then she gasped and told me they were kind of like ballerinas.  Yes they kind of are.

"Mama take my picture when I yell gymnastics.  GYMNASTICS!!!!" 

Dainty runner.




Leg muscles are a little tight.

The bar.

On the beam she shuffled her feet along instead of putting one in front of the other.  Yet while we were outside she did it perfectly on one of those concrete car block things.


Walking on tippy toes.


Gah I looove her!  She is too stinkin' cute.  I think she did a great job.  She paid attention well and was able to comprehend pretty much everything that was asked of her.  She had fun and told me she wants to go lots and lots of times.  Looks like we are going with gymnastics for now.  If she wants to do something different down the line then by golly we will let her.   


amanda torres said...

Her form looks really good for her first time. You might have a natural on your hands. However, I'm cracking up at the little girl next to K who is laying face down in her straddle. I think she missed the point of the stretch! Too funny!

Holly said...

Pee pee crotch. You kill me! She looks adorable.

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