June 3, 2011

little model

Last week Kiera and I did some running around together.  We had to make a quick stop at Old Navy and as we were leaving she asked to pet the doggie that is standing with all the modelquins at the front of the store.  I told her to go ahead.  Then she asks me to take her picture.  I whip out my phone and snap a shot of her.  

She crawls out from the modelquins and starts touching the little kids arms and hair, feeling their clothes.  Then she jumps back in and wants another picture taken. 

After that one I told her we needed to go so she gives the little girl on the left a hug and kisses her shoulder.

It still makes me smile to think about how loving she is, or can be I should say.  There are times she doesn't want to give hugs and kisses.  That is until you tell her you don't want any and she quickly changes her mind.

The other night the 3 of us were in JC Penny's looking for Jimmy a pair of sunglasses and of course it being in the men's section she was hanging out with the mannequins there.  First she was just checking out their suits and and holding their wrist (since they had no heads or hands), no big deal.  Then I look back over at her and she is touching their pee pee crotch, as she calls it.  She made that phrase up herself.  I told her to stop violating them and come stand next to me.  She is curious after all and I would rather her be curious with a mannequins than a real person.  I still thought it was pretty funny. 

When we got back up to the front of the store she saw some head and handless lady mannequin's and wanted her picture with them too.  


Holly said...

That is hilarious! I, for one, have no problem with your daughter touching their pee pee crotches. We all have to learn about it sometime.

amanda torres said...

Kids do the craziest things. I think that's why I love being around them so much!

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