June 7, 2011

fun in the sun

Man did we have a busy but fun weekend.  By time it came to writing this I just wasn't feeling it so I opted to spend some cuddle time with my baby girl instead.  Saturday Kiera and I went to Big Splash to break in our season passes while Dada stayed home and mowed the yard.  We didn't make him stay home and do dirty work while we played, he didn't want to go.  We met up with my friend Mandy and her daughter Madison. Kiera and Madison are almost 4 months apart. 

I am not a big fan of the hot hot summer.  I sweat easily.  I have decided that I don't mind summer as long as I am either in my swim suit near a body of water or in air conditioning.  Or if ice cream is involved.
Mmmm.   Messy little faces.  Love them.

I took her into the wave pool a few times to practice teaching her to swim.  She just wanted to look around under water and use my top as an anchor to grab on to.  Since I didn't feel much like flashing any poor little kid who might be glancing my way we gave up an learning to swim for the day and just played in the waves.
It sure is nice to be able to sit back in a chair and just watch your kids play with each other. Last year when Kiera would start chatting with some random mom that was helicoptering over her kid and I could see them ask Kiera where her mommy was and she would tell them she didn't know.  Then the mom would start frantically looking around and I would have to get up and go tell her to leave them alone and redirect her to play with Madison.  

              First you must throw all your toys down the slide..............................Then slide yourself into them.

Then on Sunday evening Jimmy and I took her to a new splash pad to play for a bit. It was quite funny watching all the kids running around squealing.

Just missed the dump...


Holly said...

How fun! She is just so adorable I want to squeeze her! I feel the same way about the hot summer, not a huge fan but give me some ice cream and all the world seems right.

lesley said...

YAY for summatime! We have been playing in the water almost every day. It really wears a babe out!

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