June 20, 2011

father's day 2011

 I came across a this picture via Pinterest via Etsy (which is no longer active).

I just had to do it.  I thought it was too cute and decided that we needed to make this for Dada.

I painted on the tree trunk and branches on a 5x7 piece of white card stock. 

Then I painted Kiera's hands to make the leaf part of the tree.  She really likes getting her hands all messy and its even better when her feet are involved.

Then I cut up some shiny vellum to resemble grass and glued it to the paper.

I wrote a little message and asked Kiera to sign it.  After she wrote "Kiera" down she decided she just HAD to write "J-E-N-S-E-N" also.  Yes she spelled it out loud for me.   

I had to just suck it up and let it be ok that her writing went all across the pretty picture.  It wasn't perfect like I wanted it but this is really a gift from her.  That is what makes it special.  

Jimmy told me not to spend any money on him but I have a feeling he will let it slide since  the cost of the paper was a whopping 86 cents!

So Happy Father's Day Jimmy!  There isn't anyone else in the universe that I would rather be the father of my child!  Thank you for helping me bring her into this world and being such a wonderful Dada!

1 comment:

ella@lifeologia said...

So cute. I still want to do this ;)
especially since we didn't really celebrate father's day - he was out of commission ;)


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