June 17, 2011

chapstick or lipstick

The other day when Kiera was at my parents house my mom went into the kitchen to get Kiera a drink and left her in the living room.  Kiera yells to my mom that she is going to put some lipstick on.  My mom keeps a little bowl of lipsticks and chap stick in the living room.  

She assumed that Kiera was going to put on chap stick, since that's what she usually does.

Um that's not chap stick.  Jimmy and I do think that she did a great job at putting it on.  We are big chap stick fiends around here so we always hand it to Kiera to put some on too. 

She also thinks she needs to put my makeup on before we leave the house.  She will run into my bathroom and scream "I gotta put on some make up".  She picks up my brushes and run them across her eyelid or cheeks, without any makeup on them.  Ha!  She even picks up the eyelash curler and acts like she is doing that too.  Oooh and the other day she actually pulled on one tiny little eyebrow hairs with the tweezers!  She sure didn't like that!  Sometimes I will put a little eyeshadow on her but we do not leave the house that way.   I  swear she does not get the whole "I have to wear make up" from me.  Well the actual wearing makeup she does but I hardly even wear make up on the weekends and sometimes all I wear to work is mascara!  

She has never asked why I wear makeup and I sure as heck aren't going to tell her it's to look pretty.  I don't want to go and give her a complex or anything.    

  I just now remembered my BFF Rachel and I used to put massive amounts of makeup on while spending the night with each other to see how gawdy we could look.  The best was     when we were channeling The Crow.  

 Hahaha!  Good times.  Good times.

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Melissa said...

This is so cute! I remember doing that when I was younger and thinking my mom must be an artist or something because I could never put the lipstick on only my lips.

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