June 9, 2011

embrace the camera

This was the only picture that I took of K-Dub and I at Big Splash over the weekend. 

 I will tell you that I had to snap the picture fast because that little bucket she has in her hand was making its way in front of our faces.  If she is holding on to something it will make its way in front of her face or right in front of the lens. 

Why do kids do that? 

But that bucket, she carried it around all day!  She took it down the slides with her, threw it down a slide to watch it go, and watered the flowers that were at the base of the dinosaur slide.  The flowers were painted, not real.  

At one point she asked if my legs needed cooled off and I said they did, even though they were halfway submerged in water.  Sometimes you just have to humor the kids.  So she scoops up some water, pours it over my legs and Mandy's and we thank her.  Later on while I am sitting back and watching her play, I see her start talking to some other mom sitting at the edge of the pool.  Now I don't know what the conversation was but Kiera scoops up water and kinda slings it towards the mom's back. 

Great my kid is throwing water on people...at a pool where they are already wet.  The point is I had to tell her not to just throw water on people because it's not nice.  'Cause you know there are some people out there that don't want to get wet and stay pretty or whatever.  Luckily I could tell that mom didn't mind getting wet at a pool.  


Holly said...

Looks like a fun day! Once again, I am very jealous of your hair, and at the pool!! Why won't my hair just stop being stupid and be cute like yours?

lesley said...

What a shame for moms to not want to get wet at a pool. Love that you get right on in there!

ella@lifeologia said...

Ahhhh you've cut your hair!
Sorry I didn't notice before and haven't visited in a few days...

It IS very cute. I did like it long too ;)

By the way, your daughter is super cute ;)

amanda torres said...

You two look so joyful in that pic! I just love it. Glad you two had a great time. I can't believe Jimmy didn't want to go. Getting wet on hot days is my favorite!

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