May 18, 2011

trail days 2011

Our little town has this thing they call the Trail Days.  Its just a miniature little carnival with a parade and other activities.  This was our 2nd year of taking Kiera since they have quite a few little kid rides.  She really wanted to ride the Ferris wheel but it was under maintenance the entire time we were there.  I personally won't ride something if I see it under maintenance.  I have a recurring nightmare where I am riding a roller coaster, the lap belt malfunctions and I hold on for dear life through all the loops trying not to get flung to my death.  No bueno.

These were little spinning "Tea Cups" as Kiera called them that lifted up at an angle.  Jimmy said the first time it dropped back down she grabbed a hold of him and cuddled up close.  She told him she really liked it though.

K-dub and I walked through the fun house.  She didn't think it was so much fun since there was a horribly loud buzzing sound when you stepped on certain things.  She wasn't scared she just didn't like the loud noise,  so she walked through the entire thing with her ears covered.

 Here she was shooting at some little boys in the ship behind her.  

We also went down the huge slide on a potato sack and rode in these strawberry things that are similar to a tilt a whirl.  Only you have to manually spin yourself.  Let's just say my arms got quite the workout.  Before we left she picked up a rubber ducky in a pool of water where she won a baton and Dada helped her fish for a shark where she won a fuzzy ball thing.  Next stop will be the Kiddie Amusement Park in Bartlesville!  One of these days....

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Holly said...

What cute pictures! Looks like a great day!

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