May 20, 2011

new life

My favorite thing about spring time is all the new life that can be found.  Whether it is a moth emerging  from its cocoon to baby birds, I absolutely love it all.  As you may have noticed before that I really like taking pictures of those types of things.  For a few months now we have noticed at my in-laws that there is a pair of birds that keep going in and out of one of their trees.  We tried looking for a nest a while back but couldn't find one.  I recently decided to look for it again since I saw the birds leave where the nest was.  
Please excuse the craptastic pictures that were taken in low light with my iPhone.

  Yeah it's hidden on the side of the tree underneath all that ivy.  To my surprise there were quite a few eggs!  

There were 7 eggs!  I cant figure out how there were 4 blue and 3 brown speckled ones all in the same nest.  My father in law said the parent birds are wrens.  

The other night while we were eating dinner at the in laws house I remembered to check on the eggs to see if they hatched.

Boy did they!  Kiera wanted to touch them but I told her we shouldn't since they were brand new and we didn't want to upset the mama birds.  I couldn't tell if all of them have hatched yet since as you can see it is one big ball of baby bird bodies.  Only one was reaching for food.  Makes me wonder if the others are squished and will starve to death.   Hope not.


Holly said...

How is it possible that such ugly little things could also be cute? So sweet. With all those babies, it will be noisy in there come feeding time.

ella@lifeologia said...

This is so adorable and so cute for your daughter to see ;)
We have not had a bird-eggs-hatching experience ever!

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