May 23, 2011

it's like floating on top of jell-o

As I mentioned last week part of our anniversary celebration we went to look at mattresses, only to leave without purchasing anything.  Well we went back the next night and were the only ones in the store so we were able to talk with the salesman to help make our decision.   

In the meantime Kiera had fun laying on the different beds and playing with this massive massage chair.   It had all sorts of pockets that filled up with air, to keep you in place I am guessing.  Kiera would push the "air" button on the remote and stick her hands under the section of the arm rest that filled up with air.  I walked up and asked what she was doing and she said "I am taking my blood pressure".  She has spent some time in the hospital so she is very familiar with all that medical jargon.

The store even had a little kids table with some books and stuffed bugs on them.  She carried those suckers around the entire store the entire time we were there.  She asked me to lay on one of the beds with her and read the book to her while she cuddled with me and the bug.  I did.  What better way is there to test out how comfortable a bed will be in your home than that?  I don't think there is any.

So Friday I took off most of the day from work so I could wait for our bed to arrive at its new home.  Jimmy and I both had the same exact thoughts about our old bed being taken away.  It was our first bed we got when we moved into our first apartment together for the first time 11 years ago.  Yep it was an 11 year old bed.  We have had a lot of *cough*fun*cough* in that bed.  Kiera was conceived in that bed.  But the bed was seriously wearing on our bodies and now that we have a new bed, a full memory foam one with memory foam pillows *sigh*, we are happy to say good bye.    

It's funny how quickly our sleep has changed.  OK I still wake up mulitple times a night but I am no longer sore when I get up in the morning.  I noticed a difference the first night.  Seriously the first night!!!  Jimmy told me Sunday morning that I don't toss and turn at night either.  Yeah cause my back and neck don't hurt!  

Now Kiera is asking for a new bed.  Silly girl.  Only because Mama and Dada have a new one.  One of these days my little one, you will have a new bed.  And wouldn't  you know she brought home a bed bug!  Nasty little critters.

Good thing it's just a stuffed one.  When Kiera was putting the bug and books back on the table the salesman said she could have one of the bed bugs.  I can't believe how much free stuff she gets.  Are all kids that way or is it because she is such a sweet and pretty little girl?  I'm gonna go with the 2nd. 

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Holly said...

I seriously need a new bed. I think ours is about 11 years old too. Getting old and my hips hurt! We like a really soft bed. So you would recommend it? Which one did you go with?

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