April 11, 2011

crafting like crazy

 Oh my goodness did I craft up a storm this weekend! 

First off I took Berkley to the vet Saturday morning because he has had a staff infection on his belly that just won't go away (he's all good).  On the way home I stopped by this Antinque store in Collinsville and make a quick run through and when I say quick I mean 15 minutes.  The have a ton of stuff in there.  I came across this cute little guitar.  When I was paying for it the sweet old lady said "Doesn't it remind you of Elvis?"  Ha!  I was happy she didn't jump to conclusions and think that I didn't know who he was.  Oh and I painted it with wall paint.  I do not own a single can of spray paint.  I know I am missing out on a great thing.  I have plans to buy some for a Christmas project!
Iron Guitar

Later while K-Dub was taking a nap I ran to good will to look for a couple shirts to recover one pillow and create another.  I found some shirts to use plus shirts for me to wear and a couple other little things for the house.  This first pillow was given to me by my friend Sarah G. in 2003 for throwing her a bridal shower.  She got it to match bedding that I just bought.  I used one seam of the shirt for one edge and hand sewed the rest.  Yep all hand sewn...even the ruffle.  No, I still haven't brought out the cabinet of a sewing machine that is hiding in K-Dub's closet.  All 3 of us love how it turned out!

Then came along this sweater pillow.  Jami posted it on like Thursday over at her blog and I fell in love with it.  What is even better is that I found the exact type of fabric I wanted in the exact color that I wanted at Goodwill!!!  SCORE!!!  I even made it the same way as her.   Hot glue and all!  It's just something to look pretty, not to be functional.

Sweater Pillow

Don't they look lovely together?


Then I found this touch lamp that I also fell in love with.  I have been wanting to put a night light in Jimmy's bathroom in hopes that Kiera will just use the bathroom by herself in the middle of the night instead of waking me up.  We will see if it works.  

Touch Lamp - nite lite

I have been wanting a hurricane style vase and found this one along with bag of random balls! 


So as you can see Goodwill had some awesome stuff just waiting for a new home!  Now I just need to bring out some stuff to donate back that I don't really need/use anymore.   


amanda torres said...

Those pillows are awesome! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Jami Nato said...

OM gosh....those are adorable!

ella@lifeologia said...

Miss Ashley - you were a creative superwoman!
I love the cushions and everything else you did.

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