April 12, 2011

Berk dog

  Berkley is the first dog I have ever had.  I had no idea that having a dog was like having another kid.  I am used to having a cat that takes care of herself.  Hey at least he doesn't shed!  But anyone can tell that I am definitely his Mama.  There are things he does with me that he won't do with anyone else.  Like give me kisses, which is kinda yucky but he sneaks them in there.


I can get down on the ground and get him all riled up and growling while playing with him.  He also likes to be held up to where he can look over your shoulder.  Probably because when we first brought him home that is how I carried him around.  

Oh Mister Berkley Prescott, you are such a sweet adorable little puppy dog.  He is such a good boy when I give him a bath.  He just sits there.  Doesn't even try to shake off the water. 

Berkley Bath

His hair is way too long so a visit to the groomers is in order this week!

That is an old pic but it's what he looks like right now.  Chewbacca or Ewok?

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