June 2, 2014

1st grade done

Kiera's last day of school was on Friday.  She has been "promoted" (whatever that means) to 2nd grade.  Of course I took her picture to document the change in just a few short months.  I plan on making a book of first and last day school pictures.  The only other picture we take every single year on the same day is her with the fireworks.  She is just gonna have to deal with me taking these pictures every year.  She will appreciate it one day. 

First Day 1st Grade

  Last day 1st grade


 Those black shoes she is wearing there are actually wedges.  She really wanted them so she bought them with her own money.  After looking at this and thinking of how much she is growing and can see glimpses of her older self more and more every day, I went back and looked at her Kindergarten and Pre-K school pictures which led me to look at her baby pictures too.  I could totally have another baby Kiera.  I still do NOT want another baby, but she was (and still is) quite awesome.  It got me to thinking about this post by Jen Hatmaker, that her growing up will be slow, even though it really does fly by. Kiera is still the same person she was as a baby by being really laid back and doesn't stress over changes, she is still as friendly as ever as she was when she was 2 and 3 years old, and she still isn't afraid to voice her opinion like when she was 4.  She will be 7 in a couple months and is definitely the same person she has always been just bigger. 

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