February 10, 2014

Perpetual Journal

So Ashley from Under the Sycamore has a few types of journaling that she does for her family and herself. In January she posted a "Best of My Days" journal that would cover an entire year. I printed off her template and I have been doing a great job at filling it in.  After January ended I decided that I wanted to do more than just a year and and remembered Ashley little index card journaling. I though it would be really fun to be able to look back at what happened on a specific day every day for a few years.  Target's dollar section is where I found this super cute little journal.  
Unfortunately when I got it home and opened it I found out there were no lines on the pages. Ugh. I decided to just deal with it. There were 60 pges and I had to spend about 20 minutes trying to figure up how I could use both sides of the entire book and how many days/years I could fit on each page. Boo math! I ended up putting 3 days on each page with and 3 years. The fun part came when I had to re write all the things I had written down on my print out into the new book. Good thing there was only a month's worth!

I have also written the name of each month at the top of each page in some type of different font.  Not all that great but whatever.  I had Kiera write one of the January's and I will have her do that each month.

 After I have  stared at the pages a little while I am going to love seeing them full of just my hand writing even without all of those lines!  I am really surprized at myself that I have been able to keep up with this. I do keep the journal out where I can actually see it and remember to write something down. As for what I write down, they are just little things that made me happy that day or just things that I/we did out of the "normal".   And I don't care if Jimmy or Kiera reads it, there are no secrets between us.

I am not only doing this for myself but Kiera got a journal from her Nana for Christmas. I decided to do the same thing with her's only Kiera calls it her diary. Each night at bedtieme we talk about what all happened during her day and she picks out her favorite thing and I write it down for her. She hates writing unless it involves drawing so I don't push it. It is getting recorded and that is what matters. Plus I have her sign the pages just as a little confirmation that those were her thoughts, not mine.




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