June 11, 2013

Splash pad fun

We don't have a city pool which is a bummer but at least there are a couple splash pads for the kids (and parents!) to get wet.  Late in the afternoon yesterday my mother in law took Kiera and we decided to take her later in the evening too.  Jimmy and I just sat on a towel in the grass to watch her. It was lovely and the temperature was just perfect outside.  I glanced over and noticed how hot Jimmy looked sitting there next to me with his scruffy self and decided we needed a picture. 

Oh yeah, security on the watch out!  Not really, his shirt had Star Wars or something like that on the front of it.

Oh this little girl of ours.  Ever hear the phrase "she never met a stranger" or something along those lines.  That is her.  A large group of teenage boys showed up but that didn't scare her off.  One of the boys would come up and tickle her to get to let go of the fire hydrant.  Of course she had fun spraying them too, but she never tried playing with them.  Her squeals and giggles are music to my ears. 

She didn't want to leave but it was time to go.  The water was super cold but of course kids never seem to care about freezing water, or if it's 115 degrees out.

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