February 6, 2013

Lunch at school with my girl

Yesterday I went had had lunch with Kiera at her school. It wasn't as simple as I thought it would be though. I thought I could just go and sign in at the office and sit with her to eat. Oh no, I had to get a background check done before doing so.  When the heck am I supposed to do that when the enrollment center (where you get this done) is only open from 7:30am to 3pm Monday through Friday?  Um, hello...I am getting my child ready for school and am at work during this time.  So I went by the enrollment center on my way there to let them scan my drivers license which luckily only took 1 minute like lady said it would.  Then I ran to McDonald's to pick up Kiera a kids meal and me a little burger.  Only the drive thru guy had me pull up to wait for my measly little McDouble.  I running out of time and I was not going to be late bringing her lunch, so I left.  I was pretty livid by this point with the whole dang thing.  So I get to her school and wait for her to show up at the lunch room.  

I was fine by time she showed up.  Very hungry but fine.  I knew I would be, and how could I not with her beaming smile?  She was so excited that we planned for me to come eat lunch with her and that we got to sit at the tables designated for parents.  She said to me "I have never sat at these tables before!!!"  

It was quite chaotic watching them get moved through the lunch line and the teachers (or lunch assistants?) help with getting the kids situated and helping them open packets in their lunches.  They only get 25 minutes for lunch though it's more like 15 minutes of eating time.  I rarely see Kiera eat as fast as she did!  It was also pretty entertaining to be in a room full of 80 kindergartners.  One little girl threw up her lunch and then a so did little boy across from her.  Man did that cause a riot!  There are only 4 kindergarten classes and Kiera's was the best behaved, even though we weren't sitting with them.  Eventually one of the helpers had to break out the loud speaker to quiet them down.  I saw one boy get a look of death from the the janitor, I think he threw a classmates lunch on the floor.  Of course I was then drawn to watching a little boy who has down syndrome in the corner who was very upset and was trying to escape either because it was too loud or a multitude of other things.

I really had a great time and laughed a lot.  I can tell Kiera did too plus she had fun pointing out everyone in her class.  She even pointed me out and had a boy wave at me as I was leaving.  I hope I have a couple more years before she is embarrassed by me.  Though I made sure not to kiss her and be all touchy feely like we usually are, just a hug goodbye.  After all I want her to want me to come back to school again! 

Oh and after I left I went back and got my burger at McDonald's!


Holly said...

Sounds like you both really enjoyed your time together. Isn't it funny that you can eat with her at home all the time but for you to eat with her at school is such a huge deal? Kids are so funny. Cute pic of you two.

Jeri Lynne said...

As a kinder teacher, I know how big of a deal a lunch guest is for the kinderbabies! I do wish I had a loudspeaker for lunch room duty though. Love your posts, by the way, and have nominated you for the Liebster award. Head over to my blog and claim it!

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