January 21, 2013

First sleepover

Kiera's bff Madison stayed the night for the first time on Saturday. Kiera's first sleepover with a friend was at Madison's 5th birthday party.  They stayed up til 1 am then but that was not going to happen at my house!  Ha!  We made sure to wear them out so they would go to bed at a decent time, after all Jimmy and I got to bed at 10 most nights.

When we got home from the park our neighbor girl happened to be outside so she came over to play.  At one point they were all in the back yard and Kiera started to chase them.  J and Madison came running inside and locked themselves in Kiera's room and wouldn't let her in.  They only held the door shut for like 5 seconds but it was enough to infuriate Kiera.  She started crying and wouldn't talk to them for 30 minutes.  She would sit in the room with them but faced a corner with her back to them with her arms crossed.  It was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen.  In this picture she was at least watching them but not talking them. 

We took Kiera and Madison to McDonald's for dinner decided to try and wear them out more with the play place instead of me cooking at home.  Afterwards we took them to Cherry Berry and they were their usual goofy selves.

When we got home they played a little more and then I got them settled in to chill out and watch Tangled.  They started acting goofy about 45 minutes in so I sent them to play in Kiera's room.  There was a lot of singing going on while they were playing but it was music to
my ears.

I decided 11:00 was a good time for bed and they were so ready for it.  They passed out and didn't get up until 9 the next morning when I woke them up! 

It was a fun look into what the future may hold.  There will definitely never be more than 1 person staying the night, I do know all too well how slumber parties end up, and it's never good.   

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Holly said...

For some reason, three girls can never play nicely together. Someone always comes away feeling left out with their feeling hurt. Girls are so silly.

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