October 3, 2012

My brain needs a rest

I am still alive around these parts.  
I do not have the mental capacity at this moment in time to talk about anything in particular or anything at all really.  
I am using all brain cells at work doing 2 separate jobs and doing interviews with my boss to find a replacement for me.  

And then there is my 5k run this Saturday.  
I am trying to mentally prepare myself for it. 
I keep picturing the running route and all that.
 Telling myself I CAN do it.  
Especially since someone made a comment to me that basically said I can't. 
I'll show them.
Oh and I haven't ran in a week.  
I am just ready for it to be over. 

We went to the fair but I don't want to post pictures yet because my friend hasn't texted me the picture she took of Kiera and I and I want to include those.  Or the one.  

Can't you just feel how my brain feels all blaaaaah right now?  

Let's end by looking at a picture of my cute helper in her swim suit that she still puts on every other day, just to wear around the house.

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