July 13, 2012

Kiddie Spa

Every year my mom gives me these little mud mask packages for different holidays.  I really like using them occasionally and Kiera recently saw the one I got for Mother's day.  We have done one before that but she kept asking to do another one.  She picked one out that had a lady with leaves and cucumbers on her face.

She lucked out in the cucumber department since my in-laws just gave me a home grown one earlier that day.  I put the mask on her (it was a clear greenish gel) and cut a couple slices of cucumber to put on her eyes like the picture.  She kept asking for leaves like the picture and I told her we didn't have any.  Her solution to that was for me to go get some off the tree in the back yard.  How about no?


Such a silly girl.  She keeps asking me if I will take her to the spa (where she gets this I don't know, I'm guessing my mom started it all with the warm towels after her baths when she stays the night with them) which I will when she is older.   

Oh and I ate the cucumber right afterwards with a little bit of salt.  Kiera didn't care much for it.  And no I did not eat the slices that were on her face.  Gag.

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