April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

When Kiera got up yesterday morning she found a trail of eggs leading to the back door...

...where Easter eggs were scattered all over the yard.  She thought it was pretty awesome the Easter bunny snuck into her room while she was sleeping.  Though when she looked at the backyard she said that he didn't do a very good job at hiding eggs.  After Jimmy got up she got to get everything out of her easter basket.

A few notes about that video...Kiera loooves Bumble Bee and told a little boy in gymnastics last week that was wearing a Bumble Bee shirt she liked his shirt and that Bumble Bee is her favorite Transformer.  She has really been wanting one of those chocolate bunnies too. 

Then it was time to hunt for eggs!  I love the comments she makes about "how the heck did the easter bunny get up there?"  I guess he hid them better that what she thought!!

Then she just wanted to open them to find the ones that were jingling.  


Great, all she cares about it the money.  There was $2 all together and it went striaght into her tooth bank (no it's not a pig, even though I have a pink piggy bank but the stopper on the bottom is broken).  On a side note she got an egg from our favorite mexican restaurant the other night and it had a dollar in it.  She told us she wanted to go buy a toy with it and give the toy to a little girl that doesn't have any.  Awesome, just awesome!

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