July 1, 2011

summer reading program

Pretty much every single Wednesday my mother in law takes Kiera to the library to participate in story time and songs.  Sometimes my mom takes her on Tuesdays but Kiera doesn't always want to go.  About a month ago my MIL told me that she signed Kiera up for the summer reading program.  If the kids visit the library at least 4 times and read or are read to a certain amount of books you get prizes depending on how many you complete.  

So for Kiera's first ever reading program she "read" 20 books and made at least 4 visits to the library!

For doing all this wonderful reading she got this ginormous blowup airplane...

And her very first medal...

Plus she got a book full of coupons for free stuff like nuggets and fruit from McD's and Wendy's, free admission to the Aquarium, Zoo, Drillers Baseball, and Tulsa Thunder.

We are so stinkin' proud of her!!! 
And at the end of me taking her pictures she said we needed to take one together with her arm around my neck and my arm around neck.  It only took 3 tries before I got her to actually look at the camera and not somewhere else.

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