June 1, 2011

really not a toddler anymore

Recently I have been noticing that Kiera is starting to grow into her body.  That sounds weird but you know what I mean.  She is a tall and slender little thing.  She has my body shape.  When she lays on her side she has a curve at her waist and hips.   There are very few clothes that I can buy in the toddler section of the store.  We are moving onto the little girls section.  I am sad. 

I went back to look at what she looked like the month of May since her little life began.  

2007 (22 weeks)

2008 (9 months)

2009 (21 months)

2010 (2 years 9 months)

2011 (3 years 9 months)

I just had to throw that last one in there.  Poor girl doesn't have a chance with swimsuits.   Besides I have literally posted all the good pictures of her for this month already.  

The change between the first two pictures are amazing.  What is even crazier is this...
She has gone from 2 tiny little microscopic specks hookin' up to her miniature little wiggling blob self (pictured at 8 weeks) to now starting school in August minus the baby fat.  I do miss those chubby baby days but I sure am glad to have a little buddy to talk to.  

What you though I was pregnant?  Hahahah...NO! 


Holly said...

Oh just stop, she isn't even mine and I'm tearing up! Unbelievable how fast they grow.

Our Family of Four said...

They grow up way too fast for me! She is such a cutie!

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