March 11, 2011

you will eat what we give you

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions lately from family members about what foods Kiera likes or if she will eat something specific.  My answer is always "she will eat what you are eating."  You may have to force her to take a bite but she needs to eat what you fixed for lunch/dinner.  There will be none of this making a separate meal and catering to her pickiness, which she is NOT a picky eater.  Of course she does have preferences just like everyone else and there are some things that she doesn't really care for but we make her take a couple bites of it anyway. 

I remember the time we went to visit my friend and her daughter and I bought Kiera and I  a burrito from Taco Bell to share.  We sat down at their table and I tore off a piece for Kiera (she was about 1 1/2).  Here's how the conversation went...

Friend:  Is she gonna eat that?
Me: Yes
Friend:  Has she ever had a burrito before?
Me:  Nope
Friend:  Well how do you know she will eat it?
Me:  Just because she will, she likes all food and besides she doesn't have a choice.
Friend:  E will only eat the beans and it can't have cheese...

Um no, not gonna fly.  Did I mention R is a picky eater herself?

We do give her a choice on what she would like to eat at a restaurant, what she wants to drink, what condiments she would like, etc.  But as far as refusing to eat what we are eating, that's not acceptable.  You don't get something different, nor will I make you a meal later.  There are times she has refused to eat dinner with us so we just leave it out and she eventually eats it because she is hungry. 

Gotta suck it up girl! 

Only don't feed her eggs, cashews, or pistachios.  I don't want her dead.  I really like having her around.

Yep she has food allergies.  That was a fun day.


Ashleigh said...

I agree with I know we have some picky eaters in our I just like to make sure I am not giving her something she may have become allergic to.. and I didn't know it. I love havin her around too. She makes the day very interesting.. keeps me on my toes in wonderful ways. BTW. She wants to go in a tall building and look out... that was a request from spending time with us this week, since we went downtown.

Anonymous said...

ok i realize part of this story is the conversation we had(hince the E and R) but let's get the facts straight...E doesnt like beans nor cheese. LOL!!! besides we are doing alot better now. ok well almost alot better.

amanda torres said...

Same rules at our house. I'm not a short order cook. Addie is a super picky eater and I accomodate her some to meet her nutritional needs, but she gets the exact same plate as everyone else in the family. I think she was served green beans a few tries short of 100 before she ate them off her plate. Unfortunately she misses out on dessert because of her pickiness. We also had to cut out her afternoon snack so she would eat dinner. I have a few friends who think I am crazy for not allowing her to snack, but I would rather her eat a well-balanced meal than goldfish or pretzels.

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