March 7, 2011

She Can Write

Sometimes, OK all the time Kiera asks to look at the toys when we do our grocery shopping at WalMart and we occasionally let her.  She likes to go down the girly aisle first, gently touching everything as she walks along.  Sometimes she will pick a toy and say "Oh we need to buy this one."  We usually tell her no and ask her to put it back so she does.  She does not throw a fit when we tell her no.  Eventually she makes her way to the aisle that has the Leapfrog displays.  Every time she would stop at the Leapster Explorer and say "Hey guys let me show ya somethin" and then she would show us how it worked.  We took this as a hint that she really liked it. 

Jimmy and I went online a read plenty of reviews which were all bad!  I was just shocked at the amount of negative things parents were saying about the system.  I mean they were loooong ranting reviews too.  They complained about the previews/trailers, the load time, and that on some of the games that are already loaded on the system you have to go online and purchase more points and other things.  I have a suggestion, why don't you let the KIDS review them?  They are the ones that will be playing with it.  It is made for children and their little sponge minds, not adults. 

We went a head to ignored all the negative reviews had my in-laws get it for her for Christmas while my parents got her the Tangled game to go with it.  

We could not be any happier that she has it!

We cant believe how much it has taught her already.  Before the Explorer she could recite the alphabet but couldn't recognize the she can.  It has taught her to write!  Yes, my 3.5 year old daughter can now write her name!  


The ads do not bother her.  I think that she even likes watching them.  The games that you have to go online to buy more points to get further in the game, Kiera just plays them over and over again.  It has taught her some spelling and what letters sounds make.  She still gets a little confused with letters that look similar like b, p, and d.  Her favorite letters to write are the ones she recognizes from her name.



It is also great at keeping her attention on long car rides also.  
(The sun was in her eyes so I gave her my sunglasses)


My baby is growing up.

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ella@lifeologia said...

She is so cute and I love how she wrote her name ;)
Mine is in the same boat right now and it's really exciting to see them learning so fast.

Thanks for your comment on my do tell post ;)
It's great how we can relate with having one girl. Thank you ;) xoxo

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