March 15, 2011

look what i can do

Squeeee!  I am beyond excited that I came across Picasa 3!  Now I can make lovely collages and all that fun stuff!  I am beyond excited!  I am trying not to giggle out loud and I just realized I wrote I am beyond excited twice.  Hahhaa!  Wow.  This girl is a little too easy to please!  I am quite the catch, and Jimmy was the lucky fisherman.  I gotta stop talking now.

Anyone wanna guess what drive we went on?  You there at the computer...Yes the J5 is correct!  I thought we had like 12.5 more years before Kiera started driving!  She did freaking awesome too!  Jimmy will be the one to teach her to drive, not me.

The next day the 4 of us (Berk dog too) went on a little walk.  Kiera and I probably held hands for a solid 30 minutes.  She even likes to hold hands while lounging around the house.  I don't mind...not one bit. 
OK enough about camping for now...tomorrow I have a wonderful recipe to share with you!  With a photo collage of course! Bwahahaha! 


lesley said...

Oh fun! And the holding hand moments, priceless! I can't wait for those!!

ella@lifeologia said...

Awesome collages.
It adds so much to the time and place.
What a sweet memory to have with the hand holding.

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