February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Well he did it.  The husband surprised me.  Totally not expecting flowers.  The Stargazers smell like dead people.  Okay not really dead people but funeral homes.  I hate the smell but I love to look at them!  He also wrote quoted a line from my favorite play/movie on the card,   Romeo and Juliet.  My heart melted. 


We had a lovely candle lit dinner for 2 of soft tacos at our kitchen table.  The candlelight was provided by 5 votives with the overhead light on.  Do you know how many candles it would take to provide adequate lighting to eat by?  TONS!!!  Oh I have tons of candles, I just choose to use them sparingly.  

After that lovely dinner we watched tv for a bit and then went on short drive and listened to NPR.  Jimmy made a detour and took me to Starbucks.  I ordered a Grande Skinny Caramel Macchiato and the chick made it non skinny.  So she made me a Venti and gave us the other one too...for free!  Score!!

Then we came home watched more tv and went to bed.  It was the perfect evening.

Jimmy you are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

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