February 21, 2011


As you all know Jimmy surprised me with flowers on Valentine's Day.  6 red roses and 6 stargazers.  The number doesn't matter to me, one would have been more than enough.  When I came home Monday he asked where they were and I told him I left them work so I could enjoy them since that is where I spend the majority of my day. 

I brought them home on Friday and put them on our kitchen table.  Jimmy counted the flowers and said one of the roses were missing.  I hadn't noticed since it was on the backside. 

Someone stole a rose.


I sent my longtime friend/coworker a text message that someone stole a rose.  She told me that it was probably "Jane" because "Jane" stole one of her roses she got from her husband right in front of her and that "Jane" always steals a flower if someone has them on their desk!!!  OMG.

Now I planned on confronting "Jane" about this.  I am not the type of person to confront anyone about anything.  This pushed me over the line.  I went to see if there were any flowers on her desk there were not so I decided I wouldn't ask her about it because I didn't have any facts to go on, just who my friend thought happened.  We do have alot of staff that work out in the field that come in the office for different reasons so it could have been one of them.  I just don't know.  And I sure as heck don't want to accuse someone of something that they did not do.  Still hearing that "Jane"has done this before just blows my mind.     
How can people be so blatantly inconsiderate and steal something that is obviously not yours?  Something that someone took the time and money to send you a gift or anything else for that matter.  I mean come on, the Dollar General has them for $1.  
Still it makes me mad that the person got away with it and they didn't care how it would make me feel.  They have no respect for me or anyone else.


1 comment:

lesley said...

That stinks :( I can't even imagine what would make someone steal a v-day rose.

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