February 25, 2011

Ready For School

Last night we enrolled Kiera in school. 
It was a hot mess.  It was hot.  There was a mess of people there. 

First you had to go into the cafeteria where you wait in this long freaking line just to see a nurse to make sure the chillins have all of their immunizations.  Kiera was so good and patient. 

1  hour and later its my turn!

What happens if you child has never had any immunizations?  Do they ban you from attending school?  I dunno but Kiera is current on hers.
The nurse hands you a number and you have to go to ANOTHER line to actually turn in your 5 billion pieces of enrollment papers, which I had already filled out 3 weeks ago.
I let Kiera run crazy with 6 other little kids.  She wanted to desperately to play ring around the rosie with 2 little girls but they would hide their hands from her and run away.  It didn't seem to phase Kiera too mcuh because she just just went and hung out with some other girls and boys.   She had a lot of fun with the 2 girls pictured here.

Still there was a little piece of reality that kicked me in the butt and said "This won't be the last time you'll wish you could absorb her hurt and pain."  I just hope I can help make those situations a little more bearable for her. 

45 minutes later its my turn!

I hand the lady my papers and she was completely shocked that I had already made copies of our house deed and the utility bill and our driver license and Jimmy's Indian citizenship card and her immunizations. 

She said that was the most organized and prepared packet she had ever seen.  
That's me.  I rock.

That took a whole 5 minutes and then we went to look at the classrooms.  
She kept saying "It's so beautiful" and "Look how pretty it is".  She walked up to a canvas beach type chair and ran her hand across the seat and said "Oooh a chair.  It's so comfy".  

She melts my heart.  

1 comment:

Michelle said...

From that smile it looks like she is READY for school. It's got to be great knowing that she is happy about it.

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