February 3, 2011

Property and Bargains

Last Saturday Jimmy, Kiera, and I headed back up to the property to hang out for the day since it was 70 degrees outside.  We climbed a hill, cooked hot dogs over the fire, took a walk, threw rocks in the river, relaxed.  We should have just camped.  It was great.

Let's play "Where's Berkley"

We also stopped at a number of junk stores that day to look for odds things to add to our camp box we are putting together.  This place rocked. 

Top right: Tablecloth (for camp box) 75 cents; Left: Pillow case (I plan to cut it up) 75 cents; Bottom left: Sheer tablecloth $1.00; Hot plate $3.00 and peeler 25 cents (both for camp box).

 All that for $5.75!!!!  That is sooo my mind of shopping!

1 comment:

amanda torres said...

I have been itching, itching, itching to thrift/antique shop lately. You had some great finds!

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