February 17, 2011

K Dub Quote of the Day

One day last week when my office was closed because of the snow I was trying to do a little work at my desk at home. Kiera was all up in my face and trying to use me as her jungle gym as she so often does.  I politely asked her to stop crawling all over me and to stand there and talk to me.  She did for a minute but then got all excited about whatever story she was telling and hit me in the face with her toy.  Twice.

I snapped.  I snatched it out of her hand and threw it behind me towards the door while yelling at her that it hurt and to chill out!!! 

I won't believe you if try to tell me you have never snapped, yelled, threw something or whatever.  Okay I only will if you have never had a toddler.  Terrible Two's?  How about Torturous Three's! 

She goes over to pick up her toy and in this super cheerful she voice says "Mama don't get mad, get glad!"  I'm  instantly laughing and so far from being mad anymore when I ask "Get glad huh?"  Kiera "Yeah.  Don't get mad Mama, get glad!"

Wow.  My beautiful little girl is quoting a saran wrap commercial.

I am positive no little feelings were hurt due to my outburst.
I know you are wondering about "K Dub" in the title.  It is a nickname Jimmy gave Kiera when she was a baby. 


Jami Nato said...

you can never go wrong with quoting saran wrap commercials. ever.

amanda torres said...

Good story! It is pretty amazing how are kids can affect our moods from one extreme to another. Great quote. I might have to use K Dubs phrase today.

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