January 14, 2011

Best Kind of Dinner

Last night Jimmy and I were childless once again.  Kiera stayed the night with my parents since they didn't get to keep her at the beginning of the week and we invited ourselves to my in-laws for dinner.

Mmmmm...brown beans, fried taters, spinach, cornbread and sweet tea.  Yep, I at all of it.  Can you say indigestion?  But when someone else cooks and it is so good you just can't help yourself sometimes.

We usually go out to the bunkhouse (detached extra garage) and hang out and talk for a bit.  

Isn't Berkley super cute in the sweater Santa brought him for Christmas?   He only wears sweaters or coats during the winter because he gets cold since he has hair not fur.  He LOVES his sweaters too.

My father in law got this globe from a family friend.  I just know a few of these would look super cute along the top of the cabinets in our washroom.  The colors would go great.

See what I mean?!  The globe idea actually comes from Ashley Ann.
She is an amazing photographer, a great crafter, and an awesome mom to 4 kids.  You should seriously go check out her blog.  She is a great inspiration and her blog is the first thing I check online every day!


amanda torres said...

I wonder just how many people have globes as decoration after seeing Ashley's idea? I definitely think you need one.

Ashley said...

I have seen quite a few from snooping around on other people's blogs and they usually credit her.

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