February 14, 2012

Owl be your Valentine

Happy Valentines Day!!!

One of the benefits of having only one child is that I actually have the time and patience to make 19 little valentines for classmates instead of buying the character ones in the store.  OK we did buy some Disney princess ones on sale last year but I decided they weren't going to cut it.  So a while back I pinned a these toilet tissue roll owls on one of my Pinterest boards and decided to take a stab at making owl valentines.   I got lucky with Kiera approving me to make them.

arbol navidad buhos


How about a tutorial?  I know, shocking.  

Grab some toilet tissue rolls, make you some little thingys out of scrapbook paper to close one end of the tube off.  That way your treats wont fall out.

Glue thingy on to the end of the tube, then glue strips of scrapbook paper around the tube.  Stuff with goodies.  We used fruit snacks.

To make the ears you will fold one open end of the tube inward, and then fold the other side on top of that.  They weren't all perfect but they are close enough to looking like ears.
Hot glue on some googly eyes.  Hmm, no picture for this.

Next you will cut out little tiny beaks out of yellow scrapbook paper...

....and let your child play gently with the owls to stay occupied.  These owls had toothpicks they pretended were swords and balance beams.
K Dub was very helpful in handing me each owl so I could attach the beaks.  Uh, you will have to wait to see that step too.  Hahahah! 

Now grab you some spare Christmas scrapbook paper and flip it over.  Draw you a general "wing" shape and trace it a bazillion times, then cut out each with an Exacto knife.  Unless you have a Silhouette that does it for you in .05 seconds then lucky you.  And yes I use a giant cutting board to cut stuff on. 

Glue wings onto the owls to look like they are holding a sign.  Oh yeah I forgot to tell you to add that earlier.  Print you some text and cut it up, glue onto owl.

Make sure to have your child add their adorable signature to each one .  Except I wrote the "K" on a few to show her where to start at.

Wow...I think that was the most craptastic tutorial ever.  Oh well. 


lesleyzellers said...

I'm a little behind, but those are adorable!

TT said...

Very cute :)
Thanks for sharing!

Jenifer said...

Really pretty!
I saw it pinned and thought it was cute... then I saw the name of your blog and had to check it out.
My maiden name and my son's name is Jensen :)

Unknown said...

This is such a cute idea. I know my daughter would have loved it when she was younger!

I would love it if you would link this craft up to my new link party - In and Out of the Kitchen. Find it over at http://FeedingBig.com

I hope you will come by and share! I know folks will love it.
Thanks, Cynthia

The Knight Life said...

Well, I'm a year late it seems, but I LOVE these little guys! I have an owl theme in my kinder classroom, and have been looking for easy peasy Owl-entines to make for my kiddos! This takes the cake. :-)

Anonymous said...

Where can I get the heart scrapbook paper?

Anonymous said...

Just love these owls, just finished making 9 of them for the ladies in my stamp club for Valentines as we meet the Monday before. I was able to use my heart punch for the wings, my owl punch for the white and black eyes, a label punch for the saying, a small heart stamp for the beak and I used a small bathroom cup to make the pattern for the bottom of the roll, it will be show& tell for stamp club as well as their gift.

Jen said...

Thank you for your post. This is awesome, very adorable and perfect for the kids. We also created a similar project which can be found here:


Jen said...

What a great project! This is awesome and perfect for the kids! I really loved the materials you put to complete the owl features. We did a toilet paper roll snake project out of the same materials you used. You should check it out! :)
EarlyLearning.Momtusted.com: Toilet Paper Roll Snake Project

Paper Tubes said...

Nice collection made with use of Papers. Just loved it.

Shannon said...

Too cute. My husband and I love owls so I am making one of these for Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing.

GladiatorinanApron said...

What a crafty idea! Thanks for sharing that and your quality time with your little love bug!

GladiatorinanApron said...

Awww... Thanks for sharing that crafty idea. .. and the quality time you spent with your little lovebug!

Ashley S said...

Funniest "tutorial" ever. My kind of writing there. Super cute! (I know this post is like 2 years old. Just making its rounds online today, apparently.) :)

Anonymous said...

No worries. I'm sure we all got the jest of it. My grand son is going to love these !Now... to start collecting toilet paper rolls ! lol

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